New fashion reality show The Artisan way featuring artisans from around world in their native countries coming soon

Amidst ongoing Hollywood strikes, the desire for new content still burns bright. While Hollywood deals with its own issues, Europe offers a fresh offering: a new Reality Show in the making. This time, the setting is real – the streets of Paris.

“The Artisan Way” is an exciting Reality Show that gathers international designers from all over the world. The pilot episode unfolds in Paris, a dream come true for many creators. “We’ve come a long way, collecting puzzle pieces from around the world,” shares Russ Ev, the show’s co-producer. Along with Becky Mullins, they’ve crafted a new kind of reality show that focuses on the journey of designers and the hard work of all those involved.

But don’t be fooled by the initial glamour of the Paris episode. In the upcoming episodes, our hosts venture to far-off places to witness artisans at work in their own environments. Get ready to travel to fascinating locations like Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and more.

Episode 1 Paris Fashion week showroom and presentations for the filming for our luxury reality tv show ‘The Artisan Way’ which will be shown on nine channels on Amazon Fire TV and 400 OTT channels globally.

New Reality Show “The Artisan Way

In the world of fashion, the ways to unveil a clothing line are as diverse as the designs themselves. From digital showcases in studio settings to the runways of Paris Fashion Week, designers have explored myriad avenues. However, some fashion enthusiasts are taking the concept to a whole new level, creating an immersive Reality TV series that goes behind the scenes of fashion events. “The Artisan Way” promises to redefine how we experience fashion.

Currently in the filming stages of its pilot episode in the alluring backdrop of Paris, “The Artisan Way” sets out to craft a magical event that transcends borders. International designers from around the world are arriving in the fashion capital to unveil their collections, setting the stage for an inspiring journey.

Becky Mullins, one of the shows producers alongside her business partner Russ Ev says, “Starting in Paris makes sense because it’s a dream spot for designers. But we’re not stopping there. In every new episode, we’ll take you to faraway places like Brazil, Colombia, India, Cyprus, and Indonesia. We want to show you what’s happening behind the scenes, where skilled people are making these clothes.

“This show is about much more than fashion,” says Mullins. “It’s about uncovering the stories and skills that breathe life into each garment. It’s about fostering an appreciation for conscious consumption, investing in artisans, and embracing the beauty of shopping local.”

“The Artisan Way” is a fresh take on fashion TV. It mixes style with real stories and shows how fashion connects people from around the world. With each episode, you’ll travel to new places and discover how fashion is about more than just what you wear – it’s a way of celebrating art, culture, and creativity.

Stay tuned for “The Artisan Way,” where fashion meets tradition in the coolest way possible!

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