Veronika Jeanvie’s Paris Fashion Air: Transforming the Industry Landscape

We all fondly remember the days when fashion weeks unfolded in a single iconic location, be it Bryant Park, Le Carrousel du Louvre, or the Natural History Museum. Yet, in life, everything follows cycles, and often, the best things return with a fresh and innovative twist.

Maison Amérique Latine stands as one of the most captivating venues in Paris, steeped in the unique history of Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Christian Lacroix hosting their shows.
This year, we may be witnessing precisely such a fresh start and new cycle in the world of fashion. Veronica Janvie, a designer and CEO of Paris Fashion Air (PFA), is launching a new platform where prominent designers can gather under one roof to create magic.

“We are striving to craft something different, harnessing the best from the past while incorporating innovations and digital technologies,” says Veronica Jeanvie. PFA is a unique platform that will host designers from around the globe, providing space for international artists, showrooms, and exhibitions. Nothing quite like this exists in Paris yet, and we are confident that we are creating a very promising project. This inaugural season will see designers from Brazil, Indonesia, UAE, USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and France presenting their spring-summer collections under one roof. It’s not a collective show; each designer will have their runway show and production team. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind service.

This season is particularly special, as some of the most prominent designers are converging on the fashion capital to captivate your senses with their creations.
Reema Al Banna, hailing from Dubai, is poised to dazzle with her fresh spring-summer collection, promising new cuts, inventive volumes, and captivating patterns.

Manuel Tiscareno, renowned for his red carpet creations, will weave magic with intricate embroidery and exquisite handcrafted details, establishing himself as a true artisan.

Lucas Anderi, the celebrated Brazilian designer with Lebanese roots and a favorite among Latin TV stars, makes his Paris debut. His collection, marked by masterful draping and intricate embroidery, promises to be truly exceptional.

Naz Maer, drawing from years of experience at the Jean Paul Gaultier couture house, unveils his innovative and extravagant new collection.
Hian Tjen, a revered Indonesian designer, effortlessly blends contemporary elements into his pieces, reflecting the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture. His shows are enchanting fairy tales brought to life.

Arunaz, a renowned designer from Kazakhstan, marries her Eastern perspective with the modern world, creating a collection that’s both mysterious and captivating.

And finally, Andre Tan, Ukraine’s most talked-about designer, presents his sustainable RDNT brand—a beacon of meaningful fashion. With a powerful message and mission, this runway show marks the brand’s exciting debut—a moment to eagerly anticipate.