The Ultimate Guide to New Delhi’s Exciting Nightlife

Nightlife has always been prevalent in Delhi, but it is the people who go back to the same boring places each time that blame the city’s nightlife and accuses it of being boring. Dare to do something different, try something new each time and go beyond your comfort zone and there, you will find what you have been missing!

Nightlife in Delhi is a fun affair. But don’t just take my word for it, head out on an evening during the weekends and you will see the turnout of youngsters from all walks of life trying to make their way into the popular bars and clubs in the city. Goa may be known as the party capital of India, but Delhi has its own moments and the areas it shines at. You can take the Goa to Delhi flights to see the difference. Nightlife in India are concentrated in two parts of the city, the central region and the southern region and the part in between them. Nightlife is dull and almost nonexistent in the northern region compared to these two parts.

One thing you should keep in mind while heading out for a night out in Delhi is that, the timing is crucial. Weekends are packed beyond words, while the weekdays see a normal crowd. If you live by the phrase, ‘the more the merrier’ than more power to you! However, if you want your food to reach in time and your drinks served promptly, you might want to visit during the weekdays. Another thing to keep in mind is the closing timings. Places in both the central and southern part of Delhi closes by 1 am. However, the nightclubs found between these two regions open till 3-4 am. Plan your night-out ahead of time and make reservations if necessary and dance your way through the night! Mentioned below are the list of places you can choose based on the time of the night.

First stop, Bars and Pubs

The best way to spend that epic night out in Delhi is to hit decently priced pubs and bars, but keep in mind not to choose some shady places. There are many places which are surprisingly very cheap and affordable. This way you get to make the most of your night and have enough to splurge on one of the swanky nightclubs you choose to end your night in. Here are some places you can visit for the first part of your night.

  • Garage Inc, Hauz Khas village – One of the best places in the whole stretch of Hauz Khas village, the Garage Inc. is popular for its 24×7 happy hour deal. Everything you order (in the bar menu) is a 1+1, which helps you in saving tonnes of money, but the best part comes when you visit the place. The thursdays karaoke near me nights are a crowd favorite here. The layout of the place and the fun crowd will surely put you in a mood for an epic night-out!
  • Lord of the Drinks, Connaught Place – Comprising of a whole floor and a huge terrace, the LOTD is one of the most happening places in CP currently, also very easy on the pockets. The flight of stairs leading to the place is promising enough, and once you finally get to the place, the medieval decor of the place with shields and armours hung on the walls will surely catch your eye. The terrace is even more amazing with a smoke of vapour blowing all around whole night adding a very mystical touch to the place.
  • My Bar Headquarters, Connaught Place – Arguably the cheapest bar in all of Delhi NCR, and so does the signboard outside their bar say! Although some may disagree, it is true. The only price comparable are the roadside bars or ‘thekas’ where drinks are bought from the wine shop outside and you get shown to a table in the open air. The hygiene of these places are highly questionable and comparing the price of these palces to a place like ‘My Bar’, a place fully conditioned with a bar and great interiors is not justified.

Final stop, the nightclubs!

Planning a night-out and ending it in a nightclub is not only one of the best feelings but one of the best things to do in Delhi! Once the time of closing nears for the place you spent the first half on your night, plan out a visit to one of the these nightclubs next.

  • Capitol, Chanakyapuri – Set in the popular Ashok Hotel in Chanakyapuri, this place may be hard to locate, especially so late in the night You will have to book a cab and have your google map navigation on (if your eyes can still clearly!). The ambience is simply electrifying the moment you step foot inside the club. Drinks are expensive as it is in most nightclubs, but still worth it. This is one place you can dance your heart out without waiting for the mood to kick in!
  • Hype, Nehru Place – One of the best nightclubs in the up and coming area of Nehru Place, nightlife is quickly becoming a major scene in this part of Delhi! The Hype is set in the Eros hotel and once you enter the gate and clear the security check, a person will guide you to the main door. The quiet peaceful sound of nature is instantly devoured in this bass thumping music the moment the door is cracked open. The beautiful tunnel hallway leads you straight to the bar and dance floor. You will not be blamed if you ditch your friends and run straight to the dance floor!

So there you have it, the ultimate guide for the most epic night you can wish to have with your friends, no matter if you live in the city or are here on a holiday.

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