Swara Bhasker Sparks Debate: Discrediting the Notion of Jesus as a Palestinian

Every December 25, people worldwide celebrate Christmas, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity—the world’s largest and most widely followed religion. Historically, numerous regions were under Christian rule before the Islamic medieval era. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, located in Israel’s West Bank, now referred to by some as Palestinian lands under Israeli control. During the Christmas season, assertions that ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’ circulate, often spread by Palestine supporters and those harboring animosity toward Israel.

Neo-Islamists often take the lead in disseminating such claims, seeing it as a way to strengthen their allegiance to the Ummah by expressing solidarity with Palestinians against Israel, accused of annexing Palestinian territories.

“Happy happy birthday to the world’s favourite Palestinian! #Christmas #Christmas2023 #JesusWasPalestinian” tweeted Bhasker along with an image.

In another tweet, Bhasker shared a picture of a makeshift crèche with a baby Jesus wrapped in a keffiyeh, placed amid the rubble of a Lutheran church in Bethlehem. The image was captioned, “Jesus was a Palestinian, born under occupation.”

Spreading such myths is appealing to Islamists and their allies as it supports their denial of the existence of a Jewish state, despite its historical precedence over the creation of Palestine. Using a revered religious figure like Jesus lends credence to their distorted claims.

Despite efforts to limit mentions on social media, users responded to Swara’s tweets, debunking the misinformation. One user stated, “Such delusions do not change history,” emphasizing that Jesus was born as a Jew, affirming the connection of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip to the Jewish people.

Another user countered, “Bimbo Jesus was a Jew who was born in the promised land Israel, mentioned in the Bible. There was never a place called Palestine. It is a geographical construct made for propaganda artists like you.”

Yet another user pointed out that Palestine didn’t exist at the time of Jesus’s birth, emphasizing his Jewish heritage.

Despite social media fact-checking, Islamist propagandists like Swara Bhasker persist in disseminating myths like ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’ to advance their narrative, especially during the Israel-Gaza conflict. This attempt to appropriate Jesus seeks to garner Christian support for Palestinian nationalism and discredit Israel’s historical claims.

While Islamists push the narrative that Jesus was Palestinian, historical accounts affirm that Jesus was a devout Jew, residing in Judea and Galilee throughout his life. This attempt to align Jesus with Palestinian identity aims to undermine the historical roots and sovereignty of Jews in Israel, a crucial clarification needed amid rising antisemitism.

Christian records indicate that Jesus lived within the Jewish faith, undergoing Jewish rituals and participating in synagogue activities. His roots in the Jewish land date back 3,000 years, pre-dating the existence of Palestine or Islam. Despite this, Islamists manipulate the narrative, claiming Israel is an occupying force on land historically belonging to them.

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