Salesforce CEO Arundhati Bhattacharya Calls for Global AI Compact to Transform Citizen Services in India

Arundhati Bhattacharya on AI’s Global Impact and India’s Future

Arundhati Bhattacharya, the CEO and Chairperson of Salesforce India and former Chairperson of the State Bank of India (SBI), has shared her optimistic vision for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform various sectors. In a recent interview with PTI, Bhattacharya discussed AI’s role in advancing healthcare, diagnostics, education, and public service delivery in India.

Bhattacharya described AI as a “gamechanger” for India, emphasizing its capacity to drive efficiency, scale, and cost-effectiveness in public services. She highlighted that AI’s capabilities could significantly enhance the delivery of services across the country by providing solutions at a lower cost and broader scale compared to traditional methods.

However, Bhattacharya also stressed the need for a “Global Compact” on AI. She pointed out that AI’s influence extends beyond national borders, and thus, international cooperation is essential to maximize its benefits while minimizing risks. According to her, AI is a powerful tool that can be used for both good and bad purposes, and caution is required to ensure it is employed ethically and responsibly.

She drew a parallel between AI and climate change, noting that just as climate issues transcend national boundaries, so too does AI’s impact. Bhattacharya advocates for a global consensus to develop frameworks that safeguard against the misuse of AI and promote its use for the betterment of humanity.

Reflecting on her career, Bhattacharya noted her historic role as the first woman to lead SBI and her subsequent transition to leading Salesforce India since 2020. She sees AI as a transformative force that can help overcome existing challenges in India, particularly by enabling efficient resource management and ensuring equitable distribution of opportunities.

Bhattacharya’s insights underscore the dual-edged nature of AI as both a revolutionary tool and a potential source of risk, calling for thoughtful and collaborative international governance to steer its development towards positive outcomes for all.

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