Ravish Mattoo Meditation Tips For The Mind, Body & Soul

Time to say goodbye to those bad winter habits and hello a healthier spring. This article contains some great tips that will help you battle the seasonal temptations currently holding you back from the organic lifestyle you wish to live.

It’s still another two months before the cold weather starts to dissipate, which gives you plenty of time to get your body and mind focused and ready for spring. As long as you maintain proper dedication, desire and commitment, your goals for a healthy spring are achievable.

We will take an exploratory dive into a few areas of your everyday life and provide tips on how to improve those areas.



The only way to ensure success is to have a balanced mind, and often times it’s easier said than done. Your mind needs exercise and you can’t just throw it on a treadmill, the mind doesn’t work like that. Let your mind put itself to work and allow it to manifest the things you want to achieve. If you can think it, you can make it happen.


Always give yourself ample time alone to dwell in your thoughts of ambition, as many new ideas and revelations are born of this.


Consider collecting crystals and forming crystal grids as they can be extremely beneficial in many ways. There are several types of stones and crystals, all of which signify different aspects of life. Place your thoughts, emotions and energy into them accordingly. They hold onto precious energy that provide you with strength and guidance.



Organizational upkeep is key to productivity. When your ducks are in a row, the mind is at ease, stress free and capable of limitless possibilities. You could make schedules, lists for yourself or use other methods that help you to stay organized with work, hobbies, house chores, family commitments and finances. The overload of those responsibilities can often get overwhelming and become harmful to the free flowing mind. Just remember to organize these different areas of your life, and don’t forget to include time for yourself as it is vital.



We are the only animal on the planet that feels the need to “work out”. I don’t advocate working out, instead I promote staying active, just like all the other animals in nature. If you actually feel fulfillment in hitting the gym, go for it. I just want to make it very clear that maintaining an active lifestyle isn’t strictly limited to going to the gym for a conventional work out. Everyone is different and I urge you to do whatever it is that excites and motivates you to stay physically active. Always do what you can to put more physical effort into your daily regimen no matter how minute the task.


Stay away from the distractions that will keep you lazily idle. Certainly the body needs rest and relaxation, which I strongly encourage, but remember not to wallow in the lull of “lazy-mode”. Excessive indulgence in activities such as watching tv, internet usage and eating out of boredom are completely unnecessary. Sadly, they are unavoidable distractions in this day and age and you must do all that you can to stay away from them.


Life and its daunting tasks leave us overworked and short of sleep. How the human body functions during the day is determined by the amount of sleep you are getting at night. Sleep is important to the mind, body and soul, and needs to be taken seriously. It’s extremely beneficial to good health as it helps you to concentrate more efficiently, stabilizing a positive mood, balancing the mind and improving digestion and metabolic rate



Tempting GMO foods riddled with evil toxic components and designed to make you crave them are everywhere for the taking and hard to stay away from. Please focus your purchases on foods that are beneficial to your body. Produce is excellent, so try to stay committed to at least one vegetable and one fruit. Make them routine items on your grocery list.

Always go with organic brands, if you don’t have the time or money for whole food stores, have no fear. Organic brands are piling into the major corporate grocery chains. It’s likely that you will find your favorite food items at an affordable price if you are buying organic brands like Cascadian Farm, which is readily available at almost every grocery retailer across the nation.

The undeniable craving for sweets is certainly an issue with many individuals; this is not our fault but rather an unfortunate circumstance based on how our taste buds have been conditioned over the course of several years. If fruit just won’t kill the craving, try organic fruit snacks or granola bars. If you’re still not having any success, try a small portion of cheese and grapes with crackers. This usually helps to control and satisfy the craving. If you’ve just gone through a shameless bout of “sweet splurging” it will be particularly difficult to control the cravings. The sugar stays effective in the body long after you ingest it, and sends messages to brain indicating it wants more of it. You must willfully push through these unnecessary brain signals tempting you to eat sweets, and instead, use one of the alternative snack methods to kill off the cravings. Once you’ve gone without sweets for a sustained period of time you no longer crave them at all.

When it comes to beverages remember that water is always your best bet. If you have a desire for flavored beverages, purchase organically and stay far away from drinks with large quantities of high fructose corn syrup, and avoid beverages with caffeine at all costs. I highly recommend hot or cold herbal teas as an alternative to sugary drinks that are high in calories.


Your skin, hair and nails are important features of the body . When they are properly groomed, maintained and cleaned regularly it helps the body to function much more efficiently from day to day. The outward cleansing is also beneficial to a productive outlook on life.


The body needs to be embraced and touched. Stimulation of skin and muscles is a pertinent part of relaxation. It releases tension and brings in positive energy. Massage is a good way to administer such stimulation to the body, but it can be costly. Self massage is just as effective. You can also try body to body massage in London which is definitely good option for relax your body. Warm water can also stimulate and sooth the skin. For those who enjoy the stimulating effects of warm water, try isolation tanks or a nice warm bath. I encourage candles, incense, and buying wax tarts online to balance out the mood and ambiance.




Meditation is a good way to stimulate the mind and soul and give the brain the exercise it needs. Some still struggle with the ability to sit diligently and meditate silently. Don’t discourage yourself based on stereotype. Every individual is different, and thus every individual shall approach meditation according to their own personal methods. An alternative approach to the conventional “sit diligently” style of meditation is listening to music, gentle sounds of nature or any other audio you may find soothing. Close your eyes and allow your mind to manifest the thoughts that it wishes to produce. Enjoy these moments of meditation and bask in them.

Additionally, be sure to give yourself ample time alone to dwell in your thoughts of ambition, as many new ideas and revelations are born of this.

The use of crystals during meditation is common, as the energy they produce can help to relax you and guide you through the visionary prospects you manifest in your mind. Make use of them as you see fit and try to incorporate them into your meditation work.


Music and art are a beautiful part of humanity, and have been a cultural phenomenon of the human race since our species developed the skills to produce such artistry. Embrace them as much as possible and apply their benefits to your life regularly. It can invoke feelings within that no other facet of life can fulfill. Absorb the music and art that you love most and best suits your soul. Allow it to motivate and inspire you.


Your soul resides on Earth so you must live in complete harmony with the other inhabitants of this planet. That means making observations and acting accordingly to the natural cycle of life. Compassion and respect for nature gives your soul a purpose and you will gain appreciation from the other living things that surround you. You are able to breath because of life on this planet. You are able to eat because of life on this planet. You are able to exist because of life on this planet. You must never lose sight of that. We only have one planet, remember to do your part to help make it last forever because the foundation of your being is relying on its existence.


In this cold, cruel world we often lose the motivation to think positively, but it is one of the most important factors to a soul rich in peace and harmony. Whenever life takes its toll remember to focus on what you love. Even when you are content with your life and perfectly joyous, still maintain the same consistent concentration on love as it brings about the very things that embody happiness. This type of energy is precious and valuable, treasure it.