Narayana Murthy Sounds Warning Against Deepfake Videos Endorsing Trading Apps and More

Narayana Murthy Issues Warning Against Deepfake Videos Alleging Endorsement of Trading Apps.

Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys, has raised alarm regarding fake videos circulating online that falsely depict him endorsing various trading apps. Murthy clarified on social media that these deceptive videos, using deepfake technology, falsely claim his investment in apps like BTC AI Evex, British Bitcoin Profit, Bit Lyte Sync, Immediate Momentum, Capitalix Ventures, among others. These misleading claims are propagated on fake news sites mimicking reputable publications and fabricating interviews with deepfake images and videos.

In a series of tweets, Murthy vehemently denied any association with these apps or websites, cautioning the public against falling for deceptive online content. He stated, “I categorically deny any endorsement, relation or association with these applications or websites. I caution the public to not fall prey to the content of these malicious sites and to the products or services they are trying to sell to you. Please report any such instances to the concerned regulatory authorities.”

This issue of deepfake videos has affected other prominent figures, with industrialist Ratan Tata recently addressing a deepfake video on Instagram where he was falsely portrayed giving investment advice. Tata expressed concerns over the deceptive video that misrepresented his words and promoted a ‘risk-free’ investment opportunity.

Highlighting the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI), Prime Minister Narendra Modi also voiced concerns about deepfakes during an event at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan. He emphasized the dangers of AI being misused to spread false information, especially in the hands of malicious actors, calling for global attention to the issue and citing potential risks posed by AI tools in the hands of terrorist groups.

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