Modi’s Leadership: The Crucial Determinant in Every Constituency

Anupgarh’s Nagar Palika Chairman, Priyanka Balan, now stands as the BJP nominee for the Ganganagar Lok Sabha seat, surpassing the incumbent five-term MP Nihal Chand. Engaging in traditional practices such as offering prayers at gurudwaras and seeking blessings from elder voters, Balan is actively sharing her vision with urban constituents. TOI’s Ashish Mehta recently spoke with her at the Budha Johad Gurudwara in Raisingh Nagar.

This marks the first time a woman is contesting the Lok Sabha election from Ganganagar. How do you perceive this impacting your campaign?

The BJP has fielded several women candidates across other constituencies, and I believe my candidacy will be embraced as a reflection of the region’s familial ties. Moreover, the leadership of PM Narendra Modi will undoubtedly sway the electorate nationwide. People from my region are poised to elect a representative committed to reinstating Modi ji as PM.

In the 2014 elections, there was a notable ‘Modi wave’. Do you anticipate similar support this time around?

Modi ji garners support from every nationalist individual. Initiatives like ‘Modi ki guarantee’, ensuring the fulfillment of promises made to the people, will undoubtedly bolster BJP candidates. The resonance of Modi ji’s speeches cannot be understated. While I refrain from speculating on any ‘wave’, Modi ji’s leadership will undoubtedly yield favorable election outcomes.

BJP has opted not to nominate several incumbent MPs, including Nihal Chand from Ganganagar. Do you think this decision might adversely affect BJP’s prospects?

I can only speak for Ganganagar. I’ve received blessings from Nihal Chand ji, and the BJP leadership’s commitment to introducing and nurturing youth and grassroots workers in politics is evident. We are fortunate to have a dynamic and energetic CM in Rajasthan.

Should you be elected, what will be your key priorities?

My constituency, spanning Ganganagar and Hanumangarh districts, predominantly relies on agriculture. Enhancing irrigation facilities, improving agricultural marketing, and addressing demands such as securing more water from the Firozpur Feeder for Ganganagar and Hanumangarh are paramount. Additionally, advocating for an agricultural university in Ganganagar and bolstering rail connectivity with Punjab, given the significant populace with familial ties there, are critical.

Drug peddling and addiction pose emerging challenges. Do you have plans to address this issue?

Our state government has demonstrated a decisive approach in combating issues such as the paper leak mafia. Similarly, tackling the drug problem will necessitate collaborative efforts with stakeholders, including law enforcement and the administration.

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