London’s Fashion Extravaganza: February 2024 Runway Showcase

This year marks 10 years of House of iKons Fashion Week London, kicking off the New Year with a celebration of fashion, art and music. An exciting fashion event on some of the best designers leading in the world of fashion. ‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ under ONE roof. Highlighting: fashion, beauty, creativity, art, VR and diversity.

House of iKons have always taken great pride of offering opportunities to all creatives from all backgrounds and all ages.

Designers that have showcased over the last 10 years have made a global mark, past and present designers with guests and music artists dignitaries and media will all be in attendance at the shows VIP After Party to celebrate this miles stone.

House of iKons Fashion Week London live shows have pulled in over 1,000 people per day in attendance, with private clients, buyers, department stores and boutiques, also in attendance high net worth guests.

Their designers have platformed world wide, and working with celebrities such as Jlo, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and many more which can be seen on their social media and various press. Designers have also been selected from the shows to be wardrobe design for feature films.

The Fashion House has always taken great pride of offering opportunities to all creatives from all backgrounds and all ages from around the world upon their platform.

This upcoming season the show continues to celebrate beauty and diversity on their platform of models of all AGES, SHAPE, HEIGHT, BACKGROUNDS from around the WORLD! Setting the STANDARD as market LEADERS not followers! The event will be held at the Leonardo Royal Tower Bridge London Hotel in the heart of the City of London on Saturday 17th February 2024.

With new and emerging designers and performances, HoI Fashion Week London will continue to bring guests to a whole new EXPERIENCE in fashion.

HoI Fashion Week London maintains their position as one of the top 6 brands Innovative Voices in The Fashion World on Wiki Vid. Which is which this platform stands for. Highlighting beauty, creativity from around the world pushing the boundaries that fashion, art and creativity is for everyone regardless of colour, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, size, age and sexual orientation and continues to showcase their creatives and shake the pillars of the fashion industry as the innovative voices of fashion’

Just a few high lights on some of our designers showcasing:

Sonata: This designer showcased at our February 2022 show with their very first collection.

With global media coverage including being seen in BritishVogue and the front cover of London Runway Magazine, their collection completely sold. This season their second collection will be launched.

House of Laith: This will be their first time in London showcasing their collection in London from Saudi Arabia.

Jalila Nayil, a dedicated individual from Saudi Arabia, has achieved remarkable success through her passion for art, design, and well-being. With an impressive academic background in graphic design and a second bachelor’s degree in psychology, Jalila’s commitment to excellence and multidisciplinary approach shines through. She founded Laith, a conceptual brand dedicated to minimalism and sustainable living, and Jalina Lu, a spin-off jewelry brand, both embodying her values of quality, authenticity, and meaningful design.

Through her creations, Jalila aims to transcend societal norms and offer a source of solace and connection for others. Her dedication to slow fashion and creating items with purpose sets her apart in the fast-paced fashion industry.

Jalila stated “At Laith, our mission goes beyond mere aesthetics. We strive to merge artistry and fashion in a way that nurtures mental health and promotes overall well-being. In a world that often prioritizes fast fashion and mass production, we embrace the concept of slow fashion, valuing quality over quantity and encouraging a mindful approach to consumption.

Our designs are conceptual and meticulously crafted to embody simplicity, elegance, and versatility. We believe that by curating unique and limited collections, we can offer our customers a sense of personalization and the opportunity to express their individuality through fashion. We understand the importance of wearing clothing and accessories that reflect one’s personal style and enhance confidence. By prioritizing mental health and well-being, we aim to provide our customers with more than just fashionable items. We want them to feel empowered, comfortable, and inspired by our creations, allowing their wardrobes to become a source of self-expression and positivity.”

Kéarnna Rhea: A womenswear brand, inspired by female nature and the beautiful things that come of it.

Taking elements from girlhood to women hood and creating a collection that exudes feminine energy.

Born in September 2003, is a talented fashion enthusiast who grew up being inspired by iconic influences like Bratz, Barbie, Devil Wears Prada, and Gossip Girl. These stylish influences have shaped Kearnna’s unique design perspective, with a focus on sisterhood and empowerment.

Her designs reflect the bond and strength of sisterhood, bringing together elements of fashion, elegance, and confidence. Get ready to witness Kearnna’s incredible journey as she creates fashion that celebrates the power of femininity!

La Pham: Empower Women Asia for which La Pham has been a partner to help support the minority women in the highlands of Vietnam.

This year, the campaign will be until Fashion Week London and aim to build up a cooperative for the H’mong minority in Ha Giang, Vietnam, helping women into employment and secure a stable income. The collection to be showcased is stylish hiding of the beauty and culture of Vietnam.

Her Rise Heritage: HM the Queen Angelina RALAITSIZAFY-ANDRIANAMELAVAHOAKA will be showcasing and representing this amazing collection here in London at the show.

From rural Vakinankaratra, one of Madagascar’s most prosperous region to World Fashion Weeks, Her Rise Heritage is a three-century social program secretly founded in 1899 by a 20 year old young Princess originated from Betafo on the aftermath of french settlment in Madagascar. It was designed to help empower women of her community in the remote village of Andriamboromanga at the peak of one of Betafo royal hills in what was known then as the Kingdom of Andratsay’s, now known as Vakinankaratra. Formarily known as RARIHASINA, meaning, weaving sacred links, its main goal was to offer free training to the severely isolited women of her village as men were either executed, exiled or sent to forced labour. She will welcome women in her village every evening and will teach them lace-making technique. During her cousin, Queen RANAVALONA III’s reign, she would provide laces to the court and won last handicraft competition held at the Queen’s Palace of Manjakamiadana.

Five generations continuity and vision still prevail. Her great grand daughter and actual Monarch to Vakinankaratra Kingdom, Her Majesty the Queen Angelina RALAITSIZAFY-ANDRIANAMELAVAHOAKA implemented since her return to Madagascar in 2010 a free on-the-ground accelerated mass training, directly working in collaboration with rural authorities (since 2010), training and empowering thousands, mastering high end handcrafting in macrame, crochet, embroidery, weaving but also in handsewing. Training also entails mastering ancient and contemporary techniques, matching color patterns on high quality raw materials.

Joan Madison Couture: This designer first showcased at the February 2020 Show. Joan Madison is a renowned fashion designer with over 3 decades of experience, known for her sophisticated, modern, high-fashion designs that bring empowering artistry to the runway. Her recent achievements in 2023 speak volumes about her exceptional talent and craftsmanship. Honored with the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s prestigious Artists Elevated award in Fashion, Joan was also named Designer of the Year by the Columbus Fashion Council. And she won first place in the Highball Halloween Costume Couture Fashion Show with her collection, “Her Hair is Her Crown,” reflecting her deep rooted African heritage.

Joan’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that the authentic spirit of a designer is reflected in their work. Her designs are dramatic statement pieces that command attention when you walk in a room. Her high-fashion evening wear has graced the runways of renowned fashion events, including Columbus Fashion Week, Lexus Charleston Fashion Week (Charleston, SC), New York Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week. Joan Madison is a true visionary with an enduring legacy as a designer , and continues to inspire and empower women worldwide leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion.

COSELF Represented UKCNDEA: UKCNDEA Group Limited is a UK-China cultural exchange and consultancy service organisation. Committed to promoting Chinese culture in the UK and British culture in China, and aims to showcase creative talents in the UK and China.

UK-China Fashion Arts and Culture Ltd (UKCFAC) and UKCNDEA Group Limited have the pleasure to introduce Ms. BUZHIWU, a young female artist from China’s crossover and design brand COSELF.

Ms. BUZHIWU’s works are an innovative expression of the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, and she is a pioneering international crossover artist who integrates traditional Chinese culture, fashion and art. Her work has been selected for the SS23 London Fashion Week Digital Fashion Unit and has received many accolades at home and abroad.

Her work focuses on interdisciplinary fashion design, digital art, and art installations.
Spanning the direction of real and virtual fields, her work focuses on oriental aesthetics and the cultural expression of contemporary art.

There will be an art installation and a catwalk presentation of COSELF’s unique design and art in fashion.

Schedule for Show Saturday 17th February 2024
Sponsored by Girl Meets Brush & The Fashion Life Tour.

Doors open for Exhibition 11.00am
1.La Pham x Empower Women Asia
2.Zaira Christa
3.Silvia V Crafts
4.Love Collection
5.VIP 360
6.Her Rise Heritage
7.COSELF Represented by UKCNDEA
8.POL Magazine

Segment ONE 12.30pm
1.Grand Opening: Jhay Layson

Music Perfromance – Eltee

3.CLC Couture
4.Grand Finale: House of Musa Represented by Lynette Medina

Segment TWO 3.00pm
1. Grand Opening: Celebration of Thailand & House of iKons Fashion Week London
2. Sonata
3. The Fashion Life Tour
4. Love Collection
5.Anna Flower Designs Represented by The Fashion Life Tour

Music Performance – Taylor Fangman

5.Kearnna Rhea
6.YS Clothier Represented by The Fashion Life Tour
7.House of Laith

Segment THREE 6.00pm
1.Grand Opening: La Pham
2.Blueprint Effect Represented by The Fashion Life Tour
3.Her Rise Heritage
4.Bold Black Dresses Represented by The Fashion Life Tour

Music Performance – Eltee

5.Joan Madison Couture
6.The Fashion Life Tour
7.Sharnel Guy
8.Grand Finale: Tykorchelli with live performance Sam Tinnesz

AFTER PARTY from 8.30pm till Late – Music, Finger Food & Drink
Live music performances by Damien Soul & Paisleigh B

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