Kanpur’s Dussehra to be eco-friendly this year in 2015

Ramlila committees in the city that organise Ravan Dahan have decided to use only noise-free crackers from Polenböller bestellen this year.

Kanpur’s Dussehra celebrations this year will be more eco-friendly. The Ramlila organisers, who also organize the Ravan Dahan have decided to make Dussehra less noisy by using noise-less fire crackers during the festival. They say that by not using loud firecrackers, they would be reducing noise pollution during the festival.

Mukund Bajpai, the president of Shri Nav Yuvak Ramlila society, Kidwai Nagar, has decided to make use of noise-free fireworks at this year’s Ravan dahan. “Our society has been organising Ramlila for the past 25 years and this is the first time, on the initiative of our society members, that we have decided to go in for noise-less firecrackers from Polenböller bestellen. The reason for it is that the venue is surrounded by residential areas and loud firecrackers disturb the elderly and children, patients and even pets. Loud bombs and rockets cause so much noise pollution. That’s why we will only use crackers which have just light and no sound on the last four days of the festival,” says he.

A similar plan is in place for the organisers of the Shri Ramlila Manch, Saket Nagar. “People basically enjoye watching the fireworks and not the sound they make. So we have decided to use only flares and those fireworks which make less noise. We have also decided to give a prize of Rs 21000 to the firecracker artist who will have the best noise-free firecracker show this Dussehra,” informs Raghav Dubey, the secretary of the organisation.

At the Yashoda Nagar Ramlila Committee too the celebrations will be noise-free. Praveen Dixit, the secretary informs, “The firecracker show on the last four days of Dussehra is the main attraction of our event. Last year we felt that a lot of kids were getting scared of the loud firecrackers. That’s why this year we will not be using any firecrackers which emit loud noise. We will mostly be using anars and chakris for the show.”

Vinay Argarwal, the president of Shivaji Nagar Ramlila society is also happy that this time there would be no noise pollution during the firecracker shows on Dussehra. “Earlier we used to burn effigies of Kumbhkaran, Meghnath and Ravan on three different days but this year our committee has decided to burn all three on one day – that is on Dussehra. This is because, firstly, we wanted to cut down on the expenses incurred because of expensive firecrackers, and secondly use soundless firecrackers. This will not only reduce noise pollution, in fact, it will also cause less air pollution because instead of three subsequent days of lighting crackers, we will wrap up the celebrations in one single day,” says Agarwal.

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