Get Acquainted with the Current Top 5 Voted Contestants in Mister Teen Indonesia 2023

Indonesia (18/10) –Mister Teen Indonesia will be held next week. Get to know more about some of the Mister Teen Indonesia contestants based on the highest votes. This is Mister Teen Indonesia’s favorite this week

His name is Raka Filipo, He is a college student , and he is from DI Yogyakarta province
He used to walked in any fashion show such as Jogja Fashion week and also a profesional photo model. he said The things that makes him different with another teenagers is a workout activities that he loves so much. because mostly teens now ignored that thing. And as a teenager he wondering in the future he want to be a flight attendant

My name is Willy Lianggi , I do always ready to face new things, conquer new challenges, become the best version of myself from yesterday. So I will be willing to accept the call from Dubai to follow my passion.

For me, modeling is a profession that is very fun and special. This job brings me to meet different people, which is a new challenge that I face every day, such as meeting photographers, makeup artists, and different locations. Every day there must be something new. Not only pleasant things, I personally also experienced unpleasant things. For example, when you have to attend a photoshoot session that is located in the forest and there are lots of mosquitoes, or a location that is difficult to reach. Sometimes, I have to take unusual poses that make it look like I’m torturing my body. But that makes it more challenging for me to reach the furthest limits that I can achieve later. Facing agreements that changed at the end, such as my photo being distributed in various media whereas in the initial agreement it was only for one media.

My name s Davin Muflih, and i am Mister Teen Central java. My experience in the world of modeling is still new, but I once won the regional ambassador event at the Kangmas Kanjeng event, and won 2nd place in the catwalks event at my school and that was a valuable experience and learning for me.

I want to be a young generation who Succes at a young age. opening up large business opportunities for my friends and the community.
Maybe the difference between me and the other finalists is that they want to find work and experience but I want to win and create jobs and be an owner and inspiration for others Peopple.

I believe there are many other teenagers who have different abilities and strengths. But what sets me apart from other teenagers is my passion for learning new things. I always seek opportunities to grow and enhance myself. By constantly improving my skills, I feel confident and can make a positive impact, especially for other teenagers. I’m Dery Hendrawan Mister Teen Banten 2023 and im so proud to compete in Mister Teen Indonesia 2023. And may could have the opportunity in Dubai Fashion world

Absolutely! It is an incredible opportunity that cannot be wasted. I feel highly prepared for it as

Once upon a time, I had the opportunity to become a model for a photoshoot and a catwalk featuring various costumes for a gallery’s catalog. You could say I was a freelance model, as I didn’t come from a modeling school or the like. Moving forward, I might consider taking modeling classes to pursue it more seriously.

My greatest achievement was being able to play roles in a few short films. I absolutely adore acting, and I have a deep passion for films. So, when I had the chance to be a “part” of a film, I felt it was my greatest accomplishment.

What sets me apart is that I’m not as extravagant and “wild” as other teenagers in my town. But, don’t get me wrong. Without intending to judge anyone, this difference feels quite significant since these traits are quite common among other teens here, but my lifestyle and way of doing things are different.

In the future, I aspire to become a professional actor. It has been my unwavering dream since I was a child. I have always had a strong passion for movies, and I hope to portray many diverse roles in the future.

it is a tremendous honor to be invited to Dubai for a modeling project. I’m Mohamad Fadhil and im Mister Teen DKI Jakarta 2023

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