Gauahar Khan Condemns ‘Inhumane & Cruel’ Behavior as Netizens Share Video of Her Tripping on the Red Carpet

Actress Gauahar Khan strongly criticized certain social media users and media outlets for widely sharing a recent video of her tripping on the red carpet at an event in the city. Expressing her discontent, she accused these portals of capitalizing on her moment of vulnerability.

The incident unfolded after Gauahar attended an awards event where she lost her balance and tripped, leading to the quick dissemination of the video across the internet. An Instagram page posted the video with the caption, “Oh no moment.”

Gauahar, displeased with the exploitation of her candid moment, slammed netizens for profiting from celebrities’ perceived “weak moments.” She called out these outlets for selectively highlighting vulnerable instances and accused them of waiting for mishaps or wardrobe malfunctions on the red carpet.

In a comment under the video, she expressed her frustration: “U guys r all about hitting people at the most vulnerable momentsā€¦Calling u out on ur bullshit. All of u.”

In another response to a similar post, she wrote, “It’s a shame how u use only the footage when someone is in a vulnerable stateā€¦ I’m calling u out on this pattern. It’s inhumane n cruel.”

Despite the controversy, Gauahar is currently enjoying her time with her son, Zehaan. She married Zaid Darbar in December 2020, and they welcomed their firstborn on May 10, 2023.

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