Is there any under current for Congress in Delhi MCD Election?

After a sweeping victory in Punjab, Manipur and Goa it seems that congress is expecting good result from MCD election of Delhi. The stake is high as to show people that congress is no more a loosing party. Even though from last 3 years after 2014. The party is keep on gaining their ground from 12% to 25%. The last by-election shown that Congress can be under dog and can sweep the MCD seats easily. The various news agency already indicated the same. The people in Delhi is saying that the congress has a good chance to win this election.

About MCD Elections 2017
The elections to the three Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD) have been announced. The elections will take place on April 23, and the filing of nominations will begin on March 27.

The political activity in the capital has already started as the MCD elections are approaching. This is expected to be a triangular contest as the BJP, Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party would be contesting for the prestigious MCD house. The AAP would like to repeat is success of 2015 in Delhi Assembly and the BJP would again like to ride upon the popularity of the Prime Minister Modi.

MCD’s three corporations are ruled by the BJP. In the present MCD, BJP has 153 councilors in the three corporations – North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC).

In the election there would be 272 seats at stake with NDMC and SDMC together accounting for 104 seats each. 64 seats are in under EDMC. Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari has made it clear that he was in favor of new faces in MCD. It is indeed going to be an interesting election in Delhi once again.
Delhi MCD Election Issues
The elections of Municipal Corporation of Delhi are round the corner and the capital is already experiencing the flurry of political activity. The MCD was trifurcated in 2012 – North, South and East Delhi Municipal Corporations. While NDMC and SDMC have 104 seats each, EDMC has 64 councilors. The pretext for the trifurcation was that it would simplify the administration and provide better civic services to the Delhites. Unfortunately not much happened.

The city is in a mess. The civic services are not matching up with the rising challenges – heaps of garbage and overflowing drainages can be seen almost everywhere in the city. The chikungunya and dengue have become a routine affair as hundreds of lives are lost every summer thanks to the breeding of mosquitoes in the filth and unhygienic conditions. Unavailability of drinking water is yet another issue which is doing the rounds in this election, many colonies, especially in the East Delhi, go without water for days and even the water they get is not drinkable.

The MCD has been controlled by the BJP but it has failed to provide satisfactory civic services to the city. Even BJP high command also acknowledges the rampant corruption and lack of action amongst its councilors and has decided to not to give the tickets to the sitting councilors. The corruption is the main issue in this election and so is the civic service. After all, what the people want from the MCD? Indeed better upkeep of the city and a corruption free administration that is sympathetic to the needs of people and responds to their complaints. Is that too much to ask?

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