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Observerofindia.com stands as a renowned online news and analysis platform, shedding light on regions of the world frequently overlooked, misunderstood, or disregarded by mainstream media. With a dedicated mission to effect change, it has become the primary online news outlet for individuals who actively engage in addressing pressing human issues. Its insightful reports play a pivotal role in shaping plans, advocacy efforts, and policy development.

Based in Delhi, India, Observerofindia.com boasts a global presence with regional offices in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dakar, Dubai, and Bangkok, covering approximately 100 countries. This extensive network is further bolstered by a cadre of local correspondents, a rarity in contemporary journalism. The service is accessible in English via a complimentary email subscription service and through social media syndication.

Launched in 2022, Observerofindia.com operates with editorial independence and relies exclusively on funding from Net World Solutions. As the news arm of the humanitarian sector, it functions much like a standard news outlet but enjoys privileged access, offering an intimate perspective on humanitarian endeavors. It provides on-the-ground reporting of crises and vulnerabilities and issues early warnings about impending emergencies.

The editorial team at Observerofindia.com brings together a wealth of experience, diversity, and multimedia skills, encompassing text, film, photography, and printed publications in their product range. This remarkable success story, supported by generous donors, has carved out a distinctive niche and continues to adapt and thrive by heeding its readers’ voices, contributing to more informed and effective humanitarian actions.

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