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Observerofindia.com is a renowned Online news and analysis service covering the parts of the world often under-reported, misunderstood or ignored.

It delivers unique reporting from the frontlines of humanitarian action to over a million online readers.

Observerofindia.com exists to make a difference. Observerofindia.com is the premier online news source for people who describe themselves as having a “strong impact on human issues”. Its reports are used directly in planning, advocacy and policy development.

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Observerofindia.com – has its head office in Delhi, India, with regional desks in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dakar, Dubai and Bangkok, covering some 100 countries. The bureaus are supported by a network of local correspondents, an increasing rarity in mainstream newsgathering today.

The service is delivered in English through a free email subscription service, and social media syndication.

Observerofindia.com was launched in 2014, It is an editorially independent, funded entirely by Net World Solutions.

As the news service of the aid industry, Observerofindia.com operates like a regular news operation, but with the advantage of privileged access. That gives a unique close-up perspective on the humanitarian enterprise, on-the-ground reporting on crisis and vulnerability, and early warning on brewing emergencies.

Observerofindia.com’s editorial team bring a huge range of experience, diversity and multimedia skills to bear – with a product range that spans text, film, photography and hard-copy publications.

Observerofindia.com is a remarkable success which, with strong donor support, has defined and successfully occupied a unique niche. By listening to its readers, it continues to evolve and contribute to better-informed and more effective human action.